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You’re confident, fun, exuberant, and unapologetic. With the Kendra Scrapbooking Digital Paper, your positive energy shines through.

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April 8, 2020
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June 5, 2020


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You’re confident, fun, exuberant, and unapologetic. You light up a room with your cheerful smile. Your charismatic personality draws admirers everywhere you go.

With the Kendra Style, your positive energy shines through. Consisting of bold and bright colors, this high-quality patterned paper is perfect for digital scrapbooking, graphic and web design, and branding.

This patterned paper includes:

  • 12″ x 12″ patterns
  • 300 ppi JPG


  1. Make sure you already have a Canva account. IT’S FREE! This template works for both free and pro Canva user.
  2. Download the PDF, and open the link that direct you to the template.
  3. Place your images and text.
  4. After creating your beautiful document, download the template as a PDF or your preferred file format!

You may use this template for the purpose of creating end products ONLY. You MAY NOT reproduce any part of this template as an editable product for sale. Please read the Terms and Conditions below.

Personal: The licensed asset can appear in non-commercial projects and end products NOT FOR SALE.
Commercial: The licensed asset can appear in up to 5,000 end products for sale.

The fonts, images, and elements used are all available on Canva. Please note that you are purchasing the template only. As a Canva user you may use these elements, including the images and fonts. If there is a premium element, image or font in the template, you can use them as a pro member, or change the element (or image or font) with a free element (or image or font).

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