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Prep Your InDesign Files for Printing

Also in the InDesign Document Prep Series

InDesign Interactive Document Preflight Check
Package Your InDesign Print Document

1. Open Preflight Panel by clicking on indicator at the bottom left of the screen or going to Window > Output > Preflight.

2. Define a new profile by going to flyout menu, and select Define Profiles. This brings up the Preflight Profiles dialogue box.

3. Click purple + sign at bottom left to create new profile.

4. Give your profile a name.

5. Select preflight alerts:

LINKS—Expand menu and check Links Missing or Modified

 COLOR—Expand menu
• Check [Registration Applied]. (Anything using Registration should be set to black)

• Expand and check Image Resolution.

 Check Color Image Minimum Resolution, set to 200.

 Check Grayscale Image Minimum Resolution, set to 200.

 Check 1-bit Image Minimum Resolution, set to 800.
• Check Non-Proportional Scaling of Placed Object.
• Check Hidden Page Items.

 TEXT—Expand Menu.
• Check Overset Text.
• Check Font Missing.
• Check Glyph Missing.
• Check Dynamic Spelling Check Errors.
• Expand and check Font Types Not Allowed > check Protected Fonts.
• Check Unresolved Caption Variable.

Prep Your InDesign Files for Printing

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