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Export InDesign Print

How to Export Your InDesign Print Document PDF

In this post, I will show you how to export a print-ready PDF from your InDesign document. Print-ready PDFs are useful for simple print jobs that don’t require a large number of revisions. They eliminate the number of files you need to send to the printer and create a simpler workflow between you and the printer.

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Export Interactive PDF Document

How to Export Your Interactive PDF Document

In this post, I will show you how to export your InDesign document as an interactive PDF. An interactive PDF is a portable document file that allows the user to interact with the contents of the document via buttons, slide shows, video, audio, and much more. Interactive PDFs provide dynamic ways to present your work, portfolio, report, or other content.

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Perform Interactive preflight

Interactive Document Preflight Check

Performing a preflight check on your interactive document will help ensure that all of your hard work will display correctly and be presented in its best light. Setting up your preflight check only requires a few steps and can save you from future headaches later on.

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