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Create a Sticky Header with Elementor

Sticky headers are great to add to your WordPress website when you want the navigation to be easily accessible whenever a reader scrolls down the page. Sticky headers work best for web pages that are very long.

Elementor makes it easy for you to add a sticky header to your WordPress website, increasing your reader’s user experience.

Create the Sticky Header

Click this entire navigation section.  

Go to > Edit Section > Advanced > Motion Effects > Sticky > Top.

Sticky On > Desktop (or any other view you desire).

Click Update.

Fixing Faint Type in the Search Box

In this video, I also make a little tweak to the search function on the header. If you click in the search box type something out, the type is difficult to see.

To fix the faint type, click on Edit with Elementor > Header.

Place your cursor in the search box. Go to Style > Text > Color.

Adjust the color of the text.

Type into the search box to make sure the text is legible.

Click Update.

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