Create a Pinterest-Style Interactive PDF

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This mini course uses Adobe InDesign CC to create a stunning interactive PDF.

InDesign is the industry standard for page layout design. This program enables you to create professional print and electronic publications such as magazines, books, brochures, newsletters, pamphlets, stationery, and more.

So why use InDesign instead of free web-based programs like Canva? InDesign is a powerful application that gives you full control over all aspects of page layout design such as color palette creation, typographical styling, gradients, page sizes, interactive elements, creates several kinds of file formats, and much, much more. Plus, InDesign is just more fun, in my humble opinion!

Don’t have Adobe InDesign CC? Don’t worry! Just follow the link below for a FREE 7-day trial:

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the program, you’re good to go.

Free Photography Resources

Don’t underestimate the importance of beauty (psychology of beauty). Humans seek beauty everything we do. Beauty brings us a sense of wholeness and completion. Beauty adds to our understanding and desire for transcendence and our attempts to escape the mundane. When you provide your readers with beautiful images, you are providing a whole experience, the shape, and the substance. The image and the content. It all goes together to create one cohesive experience.

Here is a list of some of my favorite free photography websites:

Free fonts you can use for navigation

If you don’t want to make your buttons from scratch, you can always use symbol typefaces that have several shapes and symbols you can choose to act as navigation buttons. Here is a sampling of FREE fonts I’ve used for this very purpose.



Heydings Common Icons:…

Heydings Common Controls:…

Modern Pictograms:

Document Files

Included are the InDesign and PDF files for your reference: Dropbox link to files.

Files included:

  • Pinterest-style-document-demo.pdf
  • Pinterest-style-document.idml
  • Pinterest-style-document.indd

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